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Your intuition was never wrong. You know there's a problem and either you are having trouble finding or affording help. You are in the right place. Mommy Made Myo is a community to join parents seeking to break through to the other side of common health issues that plaque children. 

Those long nights of restless sleep and snoring, days of hyperactivity, behavioral outbursts, chronic ear and throat infections, etc, are just a click away from over. 

Mouth breathing and other oral problems are usually the culprits behind these manifestations that affect childhood growth, development, breathing, and sleeping. Myofunctional therapy helps to resolve these issues and typically involves exercises and activities to eliminate dysfunction.

The Mommy Made Myo community seeks to offer struggling parents access to help through the use of myofunctional tips, strategy, exercises, tools, and programs designed to empower you through guiding your child to the health on the other side.

Join us today to start your journey to relief!

A Big Thanks

With every new member and every referral we are one step closer to our goal of seeing a world free of traditional barriers to care for parents whose children struggle with airway centered disorders. Thank you for joining our important cause and for sharing Mommy Made Myo to others in need!

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